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Meet Leah

Leah Vukmir is a nurse, military mom, and conservative with a proven record of reform.

As a state Representative and Senator, Leah stood with conservatives across Wisconsin to enact some of the most sweeping, pro-job reforms ever enacted, including Governor Walker’s signature Act 10 legislation. In the face of death threats, Leah refused to back down and continues to be one of the leading voices to keep pushing Wisconsin in a more conservative direction.

Now, Leah’s running for the U.S. Senate for her family and ours, for the people who feel ignored by Washington elites and fear that no one in Washington has their back.

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Thanks, Keith! “The U.S. Senate needs someone who speaks for us, someone who will bring the ‘Wisconsin Way’ of working hard and never giving up to Washington, D.C.” #wiright host.madison.com/wsj/opinion/le…

8 hours ago

My pleasure to join the Badger State Sheriffs' Association for its conference yesterday. A big thanks to our sheriffs and law enforcement for all they do to keep our communities safe. #BackTheBlue https://t.co/gAz6mbvmpX

12 hours ago

Power belongs to the people. Not DC elites who want to rig the system and line their own pockets. SIGN UP to help me #DrainTheSwamp! #wisen leahvukmir.com/drain-the-swam… https://t.co/uHy5HNcZk9

13 hours ago

I've now hit 65K driven on my journey talking with Wisconsinites from every corner of the state about sending proven, consistent conservative leadership to DC. (Started with my odometer at 29K miles.) #wisen https://t.co/lsamnlQ8YM

17 hours ago
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